November is the month we celebrate the national holiday of Thanksgiving.  It is not a holiday based on battles, politics, or even particular religious observance.  It is a time we as a nation can gather together and give thanks.  As Christians, we see our gratitude going towards the blessings and strength God has given to us as he has called us to live as His children, adopted through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Within our congregation, we see this as a time to offer our gifts and talents to the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ.  What we offer and how we offer it depends on our ability to answer the question “Why do we offer our gifts and talents?”

Take time to read this month’s newsletter to see the Season of Thanksgiving sermon series and the scriptures that lead us to the answer to ‘Why’.


Sunday, November 6 – Turn Clocks Back One Hour.

November Events

Wednesday Morning Adult Bible Study – 10AM – Lounge, Church Offices

Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner – Election Day – Nov. 8 – 4:30pm to 8pm  Fellowship Hall

Sew’n Sew (Women’s Craft Group – all welcome) Friday, Nov. 18 – 10am – Lounge

1st Sunday of Advent – Nov. 27

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