MAY 2017

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May 28 – 10:am – Old Stone Church

Join us as Kyle Dietze and Nicholas Peters confirm their faith in Jesus Christ.  Baptism is the full entrance into membership of the Church.  Confirmation is a time in the life of a Christian baptized as an infant or young child to publically affirm that faith as part of his or her development as a human being and a Christian.  Help us to celebrate with Nicholas and Kyle their affirmation that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior.  A reception will follow at the sanctuary. 



Monday, May 29

(Before Upper Saddle River Parade)

Begin Memorial Say with our thanksgiving to God for those who have served our nation during times of war.  If you have a deceased loved one or friend who served in are Armed Services, Merchant Marine, or any Women’s Auxiliary Services, please contact the Church Office – 201-327-5242 so we can add their name to the Remembrance Book used during the service. 

May 2017 Newsletter



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