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The Old Stone Church will be open every Sunday Morning at 10:00AM  for Worship – including Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve Family Worship is at 5:00PM. The traditional Candlelight Worship Service is at 8:00PM.  I hope you will join us in celebrating the Advent and Christmas Season in our early American sanctuary.  We are an open and affirming congregation sharing the Good News of Jesus.   to live our lives as Jesus would live our lives in our community.  If you have any questions about worship, who we are, and what we do, please call me, Pastor Bob Fretz at 201-788-6601.  If you see me around town at Elmer’s, Fresh Market, or Home Depot – feel free to say hi.  You will know it’s me driving around in my red pick-up truck or my tan motorcycle.

Peace and Blessings at Christmas

Pastor Bob Fretz

Holiday Events


Community Christmas Carol Sing and Pageant

Sunday, December 11 – 10:00am

Followed by Christmas Brunch in Fellowship Hall


Christmas Eve

Saturday, December 24

Family Worship – 5:00pm

The Nativity, Carols and traditional Dutch Gifts (oranges and guilders – chocolate coins) are part of the evening celebration.  Even the story of St. Nicholas comes to life as a Christian Saint sharing the Good News.

Traditional Candlelight Communion – 8:00PM

This traditional service within the setting of an early American church shares the history of faith and the celebration of Christmas as God’s gift to us.  We receive grace and love that is best shared to all.  The Lord’s Supper is open to all baptized Christians. 

Christmas Day

Sunday Worship – 10:00 AM





Christmas Eve 2012 at the Old Stone Church

Christmas Eve 2012 at the Old Stone Church



Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant


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November is the month we celebrate the national holiday of Thanksgiving.  It is not a holiday based on battles, politics, or even particular religious observance.  It is a time we as a nation can gather together and give thanks.  As Christians, we see our gratitude going towards the blessings and strength God has given to us as he has called us to live as His children, adopted through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Within our congregation, we see this as a time to offer our gifts and talents to the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ.  What we offer and how we offer it depends on our ability to answer the question “Why do we offer our gifts and talents?”

Take time to read this month’s newsletter to see the Season of Thanksgiving sermon series and the scriptures that lead us to the answer to ‘Why’.


Sunday, November 6 – Turn Clocks Back One Hour.

November Events

Wednesday Morning Adult Bible Study – 10AM – Lounge, Church Offices

Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner – Election Day – Nov. 8 – 4:30pm to 8pm  Fellowship Hall

Sew’n Sew (Women’s Craft Group – all welcome) Friday, Nov. 18 – 10am – Lounge

1st Sunday of Advent – Nov. 27

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