Music and Choir

Rozanne F. Sullivan is the Director of Music at the Old Stone Church. She is both an organist and pianist, and our choir director.  Justyna Giermola is the soprano soloist for the choir.

Ms. Sullivan

– Coordinates and accompanies the music programs for the 9am Family Worship Service and the 10am Traditional Worship Service, as well as special commemorative services such as weddings, funerals and memorials, throughout the year.

– Selects hymns for the worship services, including new anthems and appropriate choral music to supplement congregational singing.

– Recruits and trains new choir members and instrumentalists.

– Orders new Church music and maintains Church music files.

– Schedules substitute organists/pianists while away.

– Coordinates joint church choir efforts.

– Maintains the instruments.

– Contributes articles on the Music Ministry to the Old Stone Church Newsletter on an ongoing basis.

The Austin organ is a 5 rank, 2 manual instrument with 2 ½ octaves of foot pedals. It was installed in 1972. The piano is a Sohmer console.

The Choir
The Choir sings from the rear balcony of the Sanctuary, where the piano and organ are also situated. The superb acoustics in the Sanctuary enhance both solo and group vocal performances.
Our choir members are:
Soprano Justyna Giermola
Lori Geiger
Barbara Hendricks
Julie Kohn
Alto Murrie Baumann
Mary Bergquist
Arlene Fretz
Laura Parker
Tenor Rob Kaufman
Bass Paul Kohn
At present our instrumentalists include:
Guitar Rob Kaufman
Trumpet Julie Kohn

The choir rehearses for one-half hour following the 10am Traditional Worship Service each Sunday, and meets at 9:40am prior to the commencement of that Service for warm-ups.

New singers and instrumentalists are always welcome. Come join us!