Sunday School

When and Where.

Sunday School classes for elementary age children in the Old Stone Church, on the corner of East Saddle River Road and Old Stone Church Road. Parents are encouraged to attend worship with their children.  During the sermon the students are excused to attend their Sunday School class.

Christmas for Kids      Each Sunday before Christmas, children attend classes at the Minnick Education Building for lessons and crafts leading up to Christmas.  Also, they prepare to be part of the annual Christmas Pageant at the Old Stone Church (see below).   The children meet during worship.  Parents are invited to attend worship at the Old Stone Church or remain with their children at the Minnick building.  Our teachers always enjoy having parents help with the lessons and crafts.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Christmas Pageant
In mid December – on one of the two Sundays immediately preceding Christmas – the children reenact the story of Christ’s birth. The pageant is a warm, engaging presentation for the children, families and the congregation. It is followed by the famous Old Stone Church Christmas Brunch.

Easter For Children  Similar to the Christmas for Kids program, Easter is a time to share the story of hope given to us in the retelling of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.  These classes begin before several weeks before Holy Week and conclude on Palm Sunday.  After worship, there is the annual Easter Egg Hunt on the church grounds – this is an event for all aged children (we let the little ones get a good head start).