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The Reformed Church was part of the European Reformation, begun by Martin Luther in 1517.  Reformed Churches had 2 sacraments (Baptism and Communion), believed that each church (congregation) contained the full power as the Body of Christ through Word, Preaching, and Sacraments.  Thus, when assemblies/synods were formed by Reformed Churches they governed by consensus.  Each country in Europe had their own Reformed Church – i.e., Swiss Reformed, German Reformed, Dutch Reformed, English Reformed (aka Congregationalists), and Scottish Reformed (aka, Presbyterians).

The Old Stone Church is part of the Reformed Churches that arrived with the Dutch in 1628 who settled the Manhattan, New Jersey, and the Hudson and Mohawk valleys. The Old Stone Church was the daughter congregation of the Old Paramus Church in Ridgewood, NJ.  The congregation was formed in 1784.

The congregation built the first sanctuary in 1789.  It is believed to have been constructed on the current site.  The current sanctuary was completed in 1819.  It is a Wren Gibbs style sanctuary, made of rubble stone and brownstone.  The walls are between 2 to 3 feet thick.  All of the wood timbers and original woodwork was hand hewn.

The first burial was in 1790.  The cemetery contains burial sites of many people born before 1776.  There are veterans from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW I, WW II, Korea, and Viet Nam.  The cemetery is still operating. (Call the Church Office for more information – 201-327-5242)

Any person can join the church who affirms that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.  What does that mean?  You agree that you commit yourself as a follower of Jesus, accept him as the Son of God (completely human and completely divine), and affirm that Jesus is your only hope in life and in death for your salvation.

The Reformed Church baptizes adults as they affirm their trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. (Speak to the pastor if you have more questions.)

If your infant or child is unable to confess their belief that Jesus is Lord and Savior, then parents who are members of the Saddle River Reformed Church (or another Christian Congregation) may request baptism.  We are a covenant church believing God has made the promise of salvation not only to adult members but to their children.

A Home for All

The church, cemetery and education building sit on 12 acres in Upper Saddle River.

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