Music in the Church is an integral part of worship and, as such, is not viewed as a performance but as another aspect of participation in the ritual, prayers, and discourse which is a part of Reformed Church tradition. When we sing, we “pray twice,” as the early Church Father St. Augustine taught. Our services are comprised of meditative music as well as sung congregational hymns, all of which are chosen not only to enhance the worship experience but also to underscore the scriptural lessons of the day and to unite our fellow worshippers in a common, joyful expression of faith. As members of the World Council of Churches we follow the yearly lectionary as set forth for member churches, and celebrate the seasons of the Liturgical Year with appropriate hymns and psalms. Regardless of musical aptitude we welcome all members of the church to raise their voices and join with the angelic choir in praise to our God and Savior.


Our Church employs both the organ and the piano as part of our services. The organ is a 5-rank, 2.5 octave Austin pipe organ, Opus 1972, and the piano is a Sohmer studio console. The superb acoustics in our Sanctuary insure that our music is enjoyable without the need of amplification.


From time to time the Church hosts local musicians, singers, and other artists as well as our Director of Music in performing recitals and other events of both a religious and secular nature as well as augmenting special holidays such as Easter and Christmas, and for services such as weddings, funerals and memorials.